We firmly believe that students, especially in advanced education level, now spend most of their time with college friends and outside for several determinations and work. Hence, in the current situation, the best place to include academic or Indoor-outdoor activities is one’s place of education rather than at home. It also helps students to socialize in all the ways.
Students are more eager to acquire in Indoor outdoor learning activities as compared to conventional setting and also more motivated. They also develop a better attitude towards the environment and more responsible behaviour.

Indoor & Outdoor Activity

  • Academic Activities
  • Sports Activities

To promote and develop a creative aspect amongst the students, the college has introduced many academic and extra curricular activities such as important days, debate, dance etc.

In games and sports activities such as Kho-Kho, Long jump, High Jump, Races, Kabaddi, Shot put etc are organised for physical development of the pupil teachers.

We organised intra-college competition throughout the year. Such programme helps in developing creative skills among pupil teacher.
Dance, Songs, Play Competitions are also organized to inculcate feeling of cooperation among pupil teachers and bring out their innate talent. Skit competition develops awareness among the student for social issues like illiteracy, poverty, women empowerment etc.

Collage, Poster making and Debate competitions is conducted to judge the expression power and to bring out their clear views regarding current issues.
In inter collage competitions many of our students won medals in sports and cultural Activities.

The above activities helped in the fulfilment of all aspect of personality i.e. Cognitive, effective & psych motor.

Online Virtual Classes - Access to courseware from anyplace at any time students have the liberty to study and complete their courseware round the clock that suits your busy schedule. All they need is a digital device that can run over the Internet.

Online Quiz - Taking online quizzes in our campus is becoming a huge success. Engage students in a unique and fun way and connect them to the learning material. As an overview, the use of online quizzes has been shown to motivate students to complete assigned readings, increase participation in class discussion, and improve performance on exams for material covered.